Concert FAQs

Concert FAQs2019-08-16T11:38:57-04:00


What time does the meet and greet begin?2019-08-16T12:20:55-04:00

The meet and greet schedule is based on the performing act. Some acts will do the meet and greets before they go on the stage. If this is the case, an announcement will be made just before the opening act plays. Some acts wait until after the show for the meet and greet. If this is the case, an announcement will be made when they leave the stage. Any member of our staff should be able to give you the meet and greet schedule once you’re at the venue.

Who do I contact to see if my lost item has been placed in your lost and found?2019-08-16T12:18:28-04:00

If you’re still at the park, simply find any member of our staff who is in the park and they will be able to help you, or point you in the right direction to the lost and found. If you’re already home and realized that you lost something, please send an email to [email protected].

Is the area around where the concerts take place gravel or paved, and it is handicap accessible?2019-08-16T12:17:11-04:00

The area is paved, and handicap accessible.

Who can I contact about getting tickets donated for my raffle/event?2019-08-16T12:18:38-04:00

All promotional questions should be emailed to [email protected]

Can you buy tickets at the park on the day of the show?2019-08-16T13:50:36-04:00

Yes. Tickets can be purchased at the park window before or even during the show.

How long do the concerts last?2019-08-16T13:51:22-04:00

It’s hard to predict the length of each concert. Our shows have anywhere from 1-3 different acts performing each night. The park is open until the final act is finished with their set. During haunt hours, the park will remain open until 2am.

How may we contact your booking agent for future festivals?2019-08-16T12:14:58-04:00

If you’re interested in performing at our venue, please email [email protected]

Where do I go for the meet and greet?2019-08-16T12:15:04-04:00

An announcement will be made instructing meet and greet ticket holders on where to go before the opening act takes the stage. If you have a meet and greet ticket, please arrive before the show start time.

Are outside food and drinks permitted?2019-08-16T13:52:55-04:00

Food and drinks are not permitted to be brought into the venue. We have food and drinks available for purchase at the venue.

Can I bring my own chair(s) for standing room only tickets?2019-08-16T11:32:13-04:00

Yes. All of our General Admission tickets are standing room only. We encourage you to bring your own chairs if you’re not wanting to stand for the entirety of the show.

Can I show the ticket from my phone or does it need to be printed?2019-08-16T11:31:11-04:00

Yes, you’re able to show your ticket from your phone, as long as we can see the barcode on your e-ticket.