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Are you looking for something more antique and not so scary? Filled with cobwebs, thick layers of dust, and that old stench just won’t go away? Then look no further than “The Historical” Mystery Mansion! Built in 1960, this mysterious dark ride has decades of history packed into each twist and turn – you never know what you may encounter! I’m sure all of the ghosts that haunt this vintage landmark won’t let you escape alive without an in-depth history lesson! So, make sure you’re prepared, take a seat, and hang on! We’re about to explore every nook and cranny on “The Historical” Mystery Mansion! Do you love the feel of nostalgia? Do you want to introduce a little zombie to the haunted house world? Then this is perfect for you! “The Historical” Mystery Mansion is our lowest rated attraction on the SCARE FACTOR for intensity, which is perfect for the younger guests and those that are faint of heart.

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Tired of the same old haunted house? At The Land of Illusion – Haunted Scream Park, we know how to dial up the dread. Come scream through this sprawling haunted theme park of delightful autumn fright… and bring your friends. We’re always looking for a few good ghouls!

Originally known as The Middletown Haunted Trail, the Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park is a one of a kind celebration of terror – featuring four fear filled, bone chilling, blood curdling, mind blowing, haunted attractions including the haunted hospital. Open just two corpse-cold months a year, The Land of Illusion is Ohio’s premier horror fest.

Think you’ve seen it all? Our terrors never string you up the same way twice. We have “live” spooks, lunatics, and chainsaw-wielding madmen, guaranteeing you a different fright each night. And if you’re coming… bring an appetite. You know our monsters will! We have every sweet treat you could eat, and our live entertainment, freak shows, and madmen are sure to keep you entertained when you’re dying for a break…

Come to the Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park for multiple haunted attractions, including the Phobia Haunted House!

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