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So you’re planning a day with the kids at the pool this summer. You know you’re going to have to keep feeding them, however, you don’t want them breaking the bank. You are going to have to depend on the concession stand, but not for EVERYTHING.

Here are some snacks you can pack to take with you to the pool. These are durable snacks that can handle getting warm without making everyone sick.

Pack These (but keep them out of the sun):

Soda in cans or even a two liter (but you will need ice)

Vegetables like carrots or celery

Sealed chips or pretzels

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Bologna or other lunch meat sandwich

Fruit bars

Trail mix (nuts / M&Ms / raisins)

Granola bars

Dried nuts and seeds, like peanuts or sunflower seeds

A good dressing is oil and vinegar, if you need dressing, just pack it separately then apply when it is time to eat

Fresh fruits – preferably ones that come in their own wrapper like bananas, oranges, or apples

Don’t Pack These:

That sour cream dip for carrots and celery? It will spoil and could make your family sick.

Don’t put mayo on your sandwich, you don’t want to see that meal twice!

Sliced pizza – buy that from the concession stand, the cheese might go bad in your bag

Potato salad, tuna salad, salad with dressing; many of these include specific ingredients that quickly turn bad in heat.

Chocolate – it’s simply a mess, don’t do it. Buy this at the concession stand.

Photo by S’well on Unsplash

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