Aqua Adventures is Open Daily at 11am!

Experience the Ultimate in Water Slide Thrills at Aqua Adventures!

Dive into excitement at Land of Illusion’s Aqua Adventures, featuring not just one, but two record-breaking slides! Our park boasts the largest inflatable slide in the USA standing at 43 feet tall, as well as an exhilarating 25-foot slide that splashes down directly into the lake. This one-of-a-kind aquatic adventure makes it the tallest on-water inflatable slide in the nation!
Younger guests aren’t left out, as the Kids Splash Zone and obstacle course include up to ten traditional and miniature water slides designed for safe and exhilarating fun. Slide Mountain features eight unique water slides, creating a labyrinth of splashing excitement throughout.
Every corner of Aqua Adventures offers a sliding adventure, ensuring that no matter where you turn, there’s a slide waiting to whisk you away into aquatic bliss.
Visit today and plunge into a world of unforgettable memories at Aqua Adventures, where every splash and slide brings a smile and elevates your day!

Adventure Planner

Spend the day splashing in the Wibit Adventure Zone.  Play a game with friends at Game Works or The Spike Spot.  Or relax and enjoy a paddle in Paddle Bay or a libation at Sandy Cove and Aqua Lounge.  Stay for the day or a whole weekend. Wherever your adventure may take you, the button below will help you maximize your fun!

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