Aqua Adventures is Open Daily at 11am!

Ready for a splash of fun? Welcome to Aqua Adventures, the ultimate play haven for our daring little adventurers aged 3 to 5! Splash into our Toddler Splash Zone, a water wonderland filled with exciting slides, exhilarating water jungle gyms, and engaging play areas guaranteed to get those giggles flowing and help your tykes beat the heat!

With sections designed to fit each age, the play area boasts a range of slides, water buckets and play zones. And guess what? If they’re 3 or under, they’re in for free! They can build castles in the toddler sand area or explore the toddler zone – there’s no limit to the fun they can have!

And for our slightly older water warriors aged 5 to 8, we’ve got a miniature floating obstacle course! Will they conquer it? There’s only one way to find out!

Feeling peckish after a day of epic water battles? Make a pit stop at our Aqua Lounge restaurant. We’ve got Lee’s Chicken tenders and lip-smacking mac and cheese – a surefire hit with the kids! But that’s not all. Our menu is packed with a variety of delicious options for those who fancy something different. Choose from protein-packed rice bowls, walking tacos, classic burgers and hot dogs, or a comforting grilled cheese sandwich. To wash it all down, we offer a wide range of refreshing drinks.

At Aqua Adventures, the fun never ends and the smiles never fade! Come on down and make a splash!


Adventure Planner

Spend the day splashing in the Wibit Adventure Zone.  Play a game with friends at Game Works or The Spike Spot.  Or relax and enjoy a paddle in Paddle Bay or a libation at Sandy Cove and Aqua Lounge.  Stay for the day or a whole weekend. Wherever your adventure may take you, the button below will help you maximize your fun!

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