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Gameworks has a collection of all of your favorite yard games. Play a leisurely game of cornhole after visiting the Sandy Cove & Aqua Lounge or get competitive and challenge your friends to a volleyball tournament. You’re sure to find something youngsters, teenagers, and adults alike will love at Gameworks.

Unlimited access to Gameworks is included with admission to the Land of Illusion park and is good for the entire day.

Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball

Take a break from splashing in the water on at our Wibit Adventure Zone to play one of our most popular games. Bump, set, and spike your way to victory on one of our three full-sized sand volleyball courts. Play a game against your family and friends or practice your spiking skills. If you’re feeling extra competitive, form a team and challenge others to a volleyball tournament.

Ping Pong

If a game of full-size volleyball isn’t what you’re looking for, play a game of table tennis. Compete against your friends and try out new tricks in a fast-paced ping pong game. Just don’t let the ball hit the net or fall off the table!


Compete against your friends and family in this classic yard game. Toss bean bags into a raised platform with a hole in the end. Play until a player or team gets 21 points, or until whoever gets the most bean bags in the hole. Just don’t accidentally knock one of your opponent’s bags into the hole!

Adventure Planner

Spend the day splashing in the Wibit Adventure Zone.  Play a game with friends at Game Works or The Spike Spot.  Or relax and enjoy a paddle in Paddle Bay or a libation at Sandy Cove and Aqua Lounge.  Stay for the day or a whole weekend. Wherever your adventure may take you, the button below will help you maximize your fun!

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