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Will I be able to wait inside the park for my party if I do not want to go through an event?2019-08-06T18:02:59-04:00

No. You must purchase a general admission ticket to enter the park.

Which night is the best to come for less wait times?2019-08-07T21:41:12-04:00

Typically there’s less wait time on Friday nights.

When are you open?2019-08-06T18:00:12-04:00

Check out our hours & directions page for the latest information. Generally, we are open the day after Labor Day through Halloween.

What will the All Night Pass give me access to?2019-09-30T16:36:13-04:00

The All Night Pass will give you access to the entire park. You may visit Dr. Psycho’s Haunted Estate, The Temple of Terror, Phobia, Killer Klowns, Middletown Haunted Trail, and Zombie Sniper Patrol – as many times as you like from 8pm – 2am Fri. & Sat. We are also open 8pm – Midnight on Thursdays & Sundays in October. – Middletown Haunted Trail & Zombie Sniper Patrol ARE NOT open on Thursdays and Sundays). Each attraction’s hours of operation are subject to change.

What is The Stage of Rage?2019-08-06T18:03:29-04:00

Stage of Rage is our concert venue within the park – we have DJs every Friday night during the haunt season and national acts on Saturday nights (check the schedule for details)

What is a Fast Pass?2019-08-06T18:02:14-04:00

Fast Pass will move you to the shorter, faster line. When you add on the purchase of a Fast Pass you may use it at every haunt. It gives you quicker access to all  6 AWARD WINNING attractions except the thrill ride (Demon Drop, Gyroscope, Mechanical Bull).

What forms of payment do you accept?2019-08-06T18:02:47-04:00

Land of Illusion accepts credit card payments for online purchases only with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Only cash is accepted for onsite purchases including parking, admission, and food and beverage. Credit card purchases can be made on retail purchases in the gift shop. Several ATM machines are located onsite for your convenience.

Is the admission price on nights of entertainment on The Stage of Rage more than regular admission?2019-08-07T21:39:58-04:00

No. We’re simply providing you with added value for your ticket.

Is a fee charged for parking?2019-08-06T18:02:25-04:00

Yes, there is a $5 fee per carload for parking. All proceeds go to local non-profit organizations.

If I purchase a ticket will I be guaranteed to go through all events?2019-08-07T21:40:32-04:00

There are too many variables that come into play every night. We cannot guarantee that you will see every event, but we can tell you that if you arrive to the park early your chances are better.

If I purchase a Fast Pass, will I be guaranteed to go through all events?2019-08-07T21:40:49-04:00

If you purchase a Fast Pass, you will definitely make it through each event faster, especially on a busy night.

If I beg you and email you every day, call as often as I can, and stand out front of your offices waiting in the rain will you give me a role at the park?2019-08-07T21:41:20-04:00

Not a chance. Each year we launch our online audition call for those interested in roles and other contract positions within the park. We usually launch the audition page 30 days before opening. Stay in touch with our site and our social network sites for news.

If I am unable to make it through all of the events will I be able to get a ticket for another night or a refund?2019-09-30T16:32:46-04:00


I arrived at the park at 8PM when the gate opens. Why are some of the attractions not open yet?2019-08-07T21:40:56-04:00

This is because some of the attractions have scenes which are outside. We wait to open these until its dark enough outside. This is so our customers get the best show possible.

I am pregnant, is Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park an appropriate attraction for me?2019-08-07T21:41:42-04:00

Our haunted house is designed to scare the hell out of people. We urge you to use good judgement in your expectant condition. There is a lot of walking and a lot of great scares — everyone is welcome but do so at your own risk. There are also plenty of places where you can sit, enjoy a refreshment and entertainment. Only you know your limitations.

How much are tickets?2019-09-30T06:50:53-04:00

We are proud to offer many different ways to enjoy the Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park experience.  Check out our ticket page for current prices.

How many attractions are at the Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park?2019-09-30T06:52:22-04:00



Unlimited access to: Four UNIQUE haunted houses, The Middletown Haunted Trail, and The Zombie Sniper Patrol. We also have live Entertainment on select weekends on The Stage of Rage | Park Common Area & Voodoo Lounge. PRETTY AMAZING, HUH?

Do you offer a Military discount?2019-08-07T21:38:38-04:00

With a Military ID, you will receive $5.00 off your ticket price (at the gate only).

Do You Have Less Actors Earlier in the Season?2019-09-06T11:17:26-04:00

No, all of our haunted attractions have the same number of actors from opening day through closing.

Do you have group discounts?2019-09-06T11:10:08-04:00

Our group discount rates start at 15 or more people and must be purchased on-line. Please visit our GROUP TICKETS PAGE for further details and restrictions. No coupons can be used with our already discounted group ticket prices.

Do you have an age limit to visit the park?2019-08-07T21:38:07-04:00

No, however Land of Illusion is not for the faint of heart. The park is full of guts, gore and blood! Many events include strobe lights, fog and chainsaws. FIVE AND UNDER ARE FREE!

Do you have a discount price for children?2019-08-07T21:38:22-04:00

Children 5 years and younger are free with adult admission.

Do you give refunds?2019-08-07T21:39:40-04:00

No. We do not give refunds for any reason.

Do you give rainchecks?2019-08-07T21:39:25-04:00

No. Most of our events and waiting lines are under roof. However, in the event of inclement weather, outdoor events may close without notice.

Can I pay just to see the entertainment?2019-08-07T21:40:13-04:00

No, unfortunately at this time there is no way to tell who paid for total park access and who paid for entertainment only.

Can I drop off my children?2019-09-06T11:18:23-04:00

Yes, children may be dropped off at the gate. No parking fee is collected if you tell them that you’re dropping off when entering.

Are you open on Thursdays & Sundays in September?2019-08-06T18:00:39-04:00

No, the park only opens on Thursdays & Sundays in October. PLEASE NOTE: The Middletown Haunted Trail and Zombie Sniper Patrol ARE NOT OPEN ON THURSDAY & SUNDAY

Are there any bag restrictions when entering the park?2019-10-09T15:24:24-04:00

No bags or drinks from the outside are permitted in the park. The only exception would be for a medical issue. If you need to bring in a bag or drink for medical reasons, please see an associate at the front gate before entering the park.

Are coupons good for any night?2019-08-07T21:37:50-04:00

All coupons are subject to the rules of use stated on the coupon or online promotion.

Are any of the attractions at Land of Illusion wheelchair accessible?2019-08-07T21:41:30-04:00

Each haunted attraction at the Land of Illusion features a complex network of dimly lit twists and turns. For our guests safety, we do not recommended the attractions for individuals with disabilities. The Stage of Rage, Voodoo Lounge, and all other public facilities, however, are accessible to everyone.

Plan Your Visit:

Tired of the same old haunted house? At The Land of Illusion – Haunted Scream Park, we know how to dial up the dread. Come scream through this sprawling haunted theme park of delightful autumn fright… and bring your friends. We’re always looking for a few good ghouls!

Originally known as The Middletown Haunted Trail, the Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park is a one of a kind celebration of terror – featuring four fear filled, bone chilling, blood curdling, mind blowing, haunted attractions including the haunted hospital. Open just two corpse-cold months a year, The Land of Illusion is Ohio’s premier horror fest.

Think you’ve seen it all? Our terrors never string you up the same way twice. We have “live” spooks, lunatics, and chainsaw-wielding madmen, guaranteeing you a different fright each night. And if you’re coming… bring an appetite. You know our monsters will! We have every sweet treat you could eat, and our live entertainment, freak shows, and madmen are sure to keep you entertained when you’re dying for a break…

Come to the Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park for multiple haunted attractions, including the Phobia Haunted House!