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Each Christmas season, we love to burn candles. And retailers know it. Sure the Yankee Candle Company has the candles we need, and so does the local discount candle supply.

But you can get candles almost everywhere during the Christmas season – the grocery store, any department store, and even Starbucks will sell you a candle this season. Scented or not, there is something magical about controlling the power of fire in a single flickering flame.

But in that power there is also the possibility of devastating damage and even death.

This is why it is important to take necessary precautions when burning your candles this winter.

Keep candles away from flammable items

The first rule of candle safety is to keep those candles away from anything else that can catch fire. This doesn’t just mean paper. It also means wood and upholstered furniture, curtains, and wallpaper. If there are items hanging nearby, like curtains, make sure they can’t reach your candle if they are caught by a stray breeze as someone opens a door or adjusts the blinds.

Keep candles in a secure container

Another way that fires can start from candles is that the wax can melt suddenly and catch nearby items on fire.  This is why you should take the precaution of keeping a candle inside a larger container like a vase or a hurricane. These items allow the light to shine out but would still keep the wax contained if the side of the candle suddenly dissolves and spills.

Make sure candles are completely extinguished

A third important step is to make sure that your candles are completely extinguished when you leave the house or go to sleep. A wick that isn’t completely extinguished can very rarely reignite. So when you go to extinguish your candle make sure that it is completely out. This means checking visually that it has stopped smoking. It is also safer to use a candle snuffer than to blow out the candle, as this method deprives it of fuel, though blowing it out is sufficient.

And always, as with any risk to your home and well-being, do one last check before bed. Is the stove off? Did I blow out the candles? Is the fire out?

Have a happy and beautifully lit Christmas season!

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