Aqua Adventures Is Open This Saturday & Sunday 11am – 7pm & Monday 11am – 5pm!

The trees are in bloom. Daffodils are pushing up through the warming soil. And school has paused for a week for spring break. This means important changes are about to happen.

Summer will be here shortly, and with it, long languorous days poolside or lakeside at Aqua Adventures.

But are you ready? Sure you have the desire to get away from it all for days on end. And certainly you have the gear stowed away in one of those plastic crates under the stairs. But do you have a plan for how and when you will get there? And what about tickets?

Aqua Adventure ticket options

Aqua Adventures offers four ticket options, and while they are fairly straightforward, we sometimes get asked questions about them. So here is a quick guide to your ticket options this summer, whether you are purchasing them for yourself or to give to family friends as a thoughtful gift.

“Anyday” tickets

Anyday tickets are tickets that are good for any day of the week. This includes our very busy weekend days. When buying for yourself or a friend, purchasing Anyday tickets gives everyone the greatest amount of scheduling flexibility.

“Mon-Thurs” tickets

Mon-Thurs tickets are honored on our slightly less busy weekday. You can use these to gain admission to the park Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. These economical tickets offer you a chance to experience all that Aqua Adventures has to offer while facing smaller crowds and a smaller overall cost.

“General Admission”

General Admission means that these passes are good for all guests ages 8-61. (Don’t forget to ask about our senior discount!)

“Junior Admission”

Junior Admission are a cost-saving option for parents with younger children. Offering a slight discount for these younger kids is one way we encourage parents to bring the whole family to Aqua Adventures, and to show we understand and appreciate the work of a parent!

Of course there is always lots to do at Aqua Adventures, and the fun doesn’t end at the water’s edge. Join us for a wide range of activities including volleyball, live music, games, paddleboarding on Paddle Bay, and the adult-friendly lounge.

Mark your calendar now to join us at Aqua Adventures this summer for unforgettable days and nights.

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