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Before you know it, summer will be back. And with the advent of sunshine, warm breezes, and cool grass under the shadows of large trees, you need to prepare yourself to capture every moment of these pending verdant getaways.

You need to create a summer fun pack so you and your family can be ready at a moment’s notice to experience summer fun.

Think ahead, and plan for maximum fun for the whole family.

Summer fun car pack supplies

Towels. Let’s be really clear. Summer fun means splashing and getting wet. Bringing a towel and making sure you have one with you at all times demonstrates your commitment to getting every drop of fun out of this summer.  Grab one or two beach towels and put them at the bottom of your bag. You can pack fewer towels than you have family members because towels are easily shared.

Beach shoes. Whether you are a flip-flops or an old pair of lace up tennis shoes kind of person,  you need to make sure your summer fun car pack has the footwear you need. Throw a pair in there. Don’t go overboard in packing shoes in your bag. You know which kids don’t need shoes when they’re walking the beach or playing in the creek.  Save that space for other supplies.

Shorts or swimsuits.  to be ready at a moment’s notice for real summer fun means acknowledging that sometimes in the summer you will be traveling around in clothes that simply do not belong at the beach. Perhaps it’s a uniform shirt bedecked with your company logo. Maybe you have to wear full length dress slacks at work. Either way, you need  a pair of shorts or swimsuit with you in the car at all times. This is no place to save space –  make sure you pack one for each member of your family.

Sunscreen.  You may be spending your time now dreaming of the sun pouring on your face, so it’s easy to forget thst the sun is also the enemy of your skin. Drop a full bottle of sunscreen in your summer fun car pack supplies and never get caught off guard.

That’s it. With a little bit of foresight and planning you can be ready to create a summer memory whenever the opportunity presents itself. Live life! Have Fun!

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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