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Americans love ourselves some Christmas music. One clear sign is that every winter, predictably, a few dozen Christmas songs hit the music charts. Some of them are decades old, and some of them are brand new.

One particular song has even hit number one more than once. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was initially record in 1994, but it made music history when it returned to #1 in 2019 … and then again in 2020.

And artists noticed that everyone wanted Christmas music – and, more importantly, customers were buying Christmas music.

So chances are that your favorite artist has released a Christmas album. Here are some of pop’s brightest stars who have released Christmas albums:

Mariah Carey – of course, Christmas’ brightest star – and that even includes Bing Crosby!

Justin Beiber – the Beebs got on the Christmas bandwagon.

Michael Buble – Frankly, is Christmas without Michael Buble even Christmas at all?

NSYNC – a classic Christmas album from this R&B legend.

Barenaked Ladies – sure they like to have fun. And what’s more fun than Christmas?

Kelly Clarkson – Kelly followed up earlier Christmas classics with a new 2021 smash Christmas hit,

Taylor Swift – What hasn’t Taylor done, and better than most? It’s not making Christmas albums for sure.

John Legend – is there a smoother voice? A more complete entertainer? It’s unlikely.

Pentatonix – maybe your mood is a capella? There’s an album for you!

Sia – perhaps you tend a little more toward pop, well how about Christmas tunes from Sia?

Ariana Grande – Youtube sensation, pop artist, and The Voice celebrity Ariana Grande has released a pair of Christmas mini LPs.

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