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It’s waterpark day!!!

You waited through the winter and the spring and even through quarantine in an international pandemic. But it’s finally here. The day has arrived where you can go once again to your favorite waterpark.

Don’t let your anxiety and eagerness prevent you from having the best possible experience on your long-awaited return. Use this handy checklist to make sure that you have indeed thought of everything.

Leave nothing to chance.

Scratch off what you don’t need, and put a check in the box only when you have packed the things you do need. And be sure to check with your park that you can bring “*” indicated items in with you.

Water Park Visit     Date: ___________________

____    Tickets or money to cover admission

____    Swimsuit (one for every person attending)

____    Dry clothes (for every person)

____    Towels (for every person)

____    Towel / blanket for sitting on the ground

____    Mosquito repellant

____    Sunscreen

____    Band-aids

____    Snacks* / money for snacks

____    fresh vegetables

____    fresh fruit

____    salty snacks

____    Lunch* / money for lunch

____    Water bottles*

____    Sunglasses

____    Hat

____    Waterproof sandals / footwear

____    Plastic bag for wet clothes

____    Soap / shampoo for late day shower

____    Favorite water toys*

* (if you’re allowed to carry this in)

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