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Nothing gets the heart pounding like an evening of horror, terror, and suspense. This is why many people like to combine a visit to a haunted house with a viewing of a favorite scary movie.

Perhaps you are a person who understand that the best date night is one where your date clings tightly to you, afraid and seeking comfort. Not afraid of you, of course, but of the action unfolding on the screen while you sit comfortably on the couch.

If a night of suspense, horror, and clinging is right up your alley, here is a list of five classic horror movies that are sure to fill the playbill for this special date.

Get Out – In this suspenseful film, directed by award-winner Jordan Peele otherwise better known for his comedy, a surface discussion of race and class simmers over into a full boil of murder and mayhem. As a bonus, it includes common date-night themes such as bringing that special someone over to meet the parents, meeting your potential in-laws for the very first time, and finding out these potential in-laws will kill you, literally.

Halloween – Credited with taking the horror genre mainstream, this wildly popular and acclaimed movie is low on gore and high on couch-gripping, date-holding suspense. Michael Meyers has escaped from the mental institution and returned to the town where he killed his sister years ago. It turns out that 15 years of therapy has not curbed his murderous tendencies.

Friday the 13th (2009) – In this remake of the original, the characters and plot remain the same, but that’s not the point! Teens converge on Crystal Lake for an evening of illicit fun away from their parents’ watchful gaze. But Jason is watching from behind his signature hockey mask, and this is the chance he has been waiting for to turn his passion into bloodlust. A stark reminder of the importance of telling your parents and friends where you are going, if for no other reason than they will know where to find your remains.

Night of the Living Dead – The grandfather of the classic zombie genre, this black and white movie holds some very modern moments of wokeness and suspense. Join our main characters as they discover that the dead have come back to life, and they outnumber the living. Take flight and find comfort in a house that is probably safe, for now. Slowly wake to the realization that no one is coming to help you. The minute-by-minute scramble to survive is breathtaking, and the ending forces us to ask who the real monsters are.

A Quiet Place – This recent shocker is innovative and frightening. As the title suggests, it makes full use of the fear that can invade our minds in silence. Follow one family as they watch the world dissolve in chaos as blind supermonsters track and kill using only their sense of hearing. A Quiet Place delivers heart-pounding suspense during which you will actually hear your heart pounding.

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