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Summer is coming, and most restrictions for outdoor gatherings have been lifted. After a year spent in quarantine or relative restriction, this summer promises to be a busy and active outdoor season.

And of course the kids have outgrown their summer shoes like they always do!

As an involved parent who cares about their child’s safety, you nonetheless encourage them to take moderate risks and explore the world around them.

Because risk is part of childhood, you want to provide the best equipment for your child to avoid injury.

These options for footwear will help you and your family reduce falls, scrapes, and stubbed toes this summer.

Safety sandals

We start with the safest and bulkiest options: safety sandals. Items in the safety sandal category come with a broad range of features designed to protect the wearer and support exploration. This includes thick high-grip soles, sturdy construction, and sometimes even steel toes!

These are certainly the most secure options for the most adventurous child. If your son or daughter loves to climb, run, and play without stop or time to transition, these might be a great choice. They might not even look like sandals at all, but instead have lots of mesh to keep feet cool and breathing.

Old shoes

A time-honored shoe for creek stomping and summer fun is the retired sneaker. It’s not really a sandal, but it has endured a ton of abuse and its okay for all applications – it is essentially already in the trash!

Formal sandals

Formal sandals like Uggs or others can have a large variety of construction styles and types. They vary as much as the personality of the individuals who wear them.

Leather, plastic, cloth, the typical sandal has a rubber sole with straps of other materials weaving over the foot to hold it on securely.

It is fashionable, cool, and ready for fun!

Crocs or croc-style

These adventurer shoes are made entirely of rubber and are an acquired fashion taste that recently experienced a huge wave of popularity.

Inexpensive and waterproof, these all-purpose shoes fit a wide range of regular actions, but present some challenges for running and climbing.

Flip flops

The most basic footwear option for summer is the classic flip flop. A single flap of rubber held on by a “Y” that thongs between your big toe and second toe.

No frills, this basic shoe is designed to protect the bottom of your foot from splinters, hot surfaces, rough surfaces, and nothing more. Somehow some kids can run in these, but it defies physics!

Lots of options for summer footwear!

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