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What could make an evening of hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, warm pajama pants, and family better? A movie night! If you, your friends, and your family are stuck inside sheltered from the cold and snow, a night around the television watching a classic Christmas movie under the blankets is the perfect activity. Make sure that the heat, or even better a fireplace, is turned up and everyone is ready to go. Pass around the giant mugs of tea or hot chocolate, bring out a plate of festive cookies, and settle in. It is never too early to start getting excited for the snowy season!

While plain hot chocolate will certainly do the trick on a cold winter night, think about adding in some fun toppings and flavors if you have them on hand! Break up some extra candy canes to add a peppermint swirl, bring out some chocolate fudge for any extreme chocolate lovers, and shake up the whipped cream for a cool, delicious topping anyone is a fan of. Shake some cinnamon and nutmeg on top, and you have got yourself an extra fancy hot chocolate. Choosing your own toppings and creating your own drink is a fun pre-movie activity anyone will be a fan of.

Similar to hot chocolate, bringing out fun toppings for your movie popcorn will surely be a fun addition. While some may stick with the classic butter and sea salt, offering cinnamon and sugar as a flavor combination might be more of a hit than you would expect. Dish up the popcorn in paper bags and shake the flavor right inside! To go the extra mile, bring out winter stickers and markers and let people decorate their bags before settling into the movie. It may sound cheesy, but it could be the perfect addition to your evening.

There are plenty of classic Christmas movies to watch, a handful of which are often playing on television stations during the winter season. Some options include, but certainly aren’t limited to, The Nightmare Before Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Nutcracker.

It may be September, but it is never too early to brainstorm about all the fun Christmas activities you can do in a few months. Stock up on hot chocolate and popcorn ingredients and stay prepared for a cold night around the fire with friends and family!

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