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The Halloween season is such an exciting time of year for horror fans of all ages. The Land of Illusion’s Haunted Nights Scream Park is guaranteed to be your worst nightmare with multiple terrifying attractions. But while you plan your visit, it is important to be mindful of these top 5 safety tips for haunted houses.

1. Choose the Right Crowd

Visit haunted houses with people that you trust. It may be a family member, a partner, or your whole office from work. Doing this will put you at ease knowing there’s someone there in case of emergency. Most importantly, you will have a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to scream in. What could be better?

2. Don’t Bring Small Children

It is also strongly advised to leave small children at home, as haunted houses can be too scary for them, and can potentially cause nightmares. There are many kid-friendly Halloween outings such as corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and of course trick-or-treating.

3. Stay Hydrated

If you don’t eat anything prior to going to a haunted house, you run the risk of passing out. This is especially dangerous in a dark environment. Make sure to have a full, balanced meal before visiting the haunt. Drink lots of water beforehand to combat dehydration, and keep your energy levels high. Most haunts have places where you can recharge such as the Land of Illusion’s Haunted Nights Voodoo Cafe.

4. Remember the Exits

Haunted houses are required by law to have an exit every 50 feet. So if you need to leave for any reason, you can take comfort in how easy it is. Be mindful of the lighted exits as you journey throughout the haunt, to ensure you are in control of your experience at all times.

5. Do Your Research

Some haunted houses in Ohio will try to operate without an Amusement and Entertainment permit from the fire marshal. This is extremely dangerous because there’s no way of knowing if the haunt is structurally sound without an official permit. It is crucial to find a haunt that places safety first- so this is a must.


These 5 tips will ensure that you have an amazing time getting the crap scared out of you, because safety always comes first. Get your tickets to the Land of Illusion’s Haunted Scream Park today. Happy haunting!

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