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So you’re planning a day at the pool. It could be in your backyard, down the street at the YMCA or the local swim club, or perhaps you are going to a local water-themed amusement park like the Land of Illusion Aqua Adventures or Soak City inside King’s Island.


Of course you’re going to spend some time doing the usual things.


You’re going to spend a lot of time putting on sunscreen and making sure you have the right swimsuit and footwear.


You’re going to make sure that you have money for food and that you keep well hydrated through the day.


Some of the day will be spent, of course, going down waterslides and just exploring the area in general.


And, understandably, part of the day will be spent simply lounging in the sun or the shade enjoying the feeling of being outside in the heat.


But what can you do to keep the fun going? How are you react when someone says, “what can we do now?”


Well here are some games you can play at any pool to keep yourself and your children and friends engaged and entertained.


Games involving balls


If you’re at a pool that allows you to take your own beach balls or other sporting equipment, here are some options for you:

  • Beach ball race: kids line up and race to see who can push – not throw – their ball to other side first
  • Water polo: establish teams and set goal boxes on either side of the pool, trying to get the ball into the goal
  • Water volleyball: work as a team to get the ball over the midline in three hits or less; don’t let it hit the water on your side!
  • Modified cooperative volleyball: work as a team to prevent the ball from hitting the water. Count the number of times you hit it and go for a new record.



Games that involve (safely) chasing or hiding


Perfect for pools with a lot of space and people, games that involve chasing and some form of hiding, doing it all safely, of course, are classics:

  • Marco polo: with everyone in the pool, one player closes their eyes and attempts to tag another. When they call “Marco!” everyone else must respond “Polo!” Next player tagged becomes the caller.
  • Sharks and minnows: with a fairly confined space, a “shark” sits in the middle. On his signal, the minnows enter the pool and attempt to swim to the other side. If they get tagged, they become sharks for the next round until everyone is captured.


There are, of course, dozens more games to be played. And using your imagination and the space and tools available to you, there are more games waiting to be invented.


Have fun!

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