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If you’re looking for the best Haunted Houses in Cincinnati, look no further than the Land of Illusion Adventure Park. Each of our six terrifying attractions is built with the express purpose of sending your heart soaring into your throat and leaving you too scared to walk back to your car.

Phobia: Face Your Fears

Think you’re too brave to be scared? Think again. In this attraction, we’ve compiled the most well-known phobias in the world, from squirming bugs to small spaces to creeping spiders, in one heart-stopping location. Compete with your friends to see who can make it through this attraction to the very end.

Temple of Terror

While your screams are still ringing in your ears, head over to our Temple of Terror. These catacombs were discovered by a team of explorers who didn’t know what they were getting into. Follow in their footsteps by climbing through this lost temple. Just watch out for the skeletons and mummies. As you explore deeper, they will claw their way back from the dead with the sole mission of hunting you down for disturbing their slumber.

Killer Klowns

If you thought IT was scary, you haven’t seen the psychotic clowns at the Land of Illusion. These clowns have blood on their brain. They’ll beckon you into the folds of this labyrinth, but as the night continues, they’ll go from silly to downright scary. These clowns are on a deadly mission to make sure you never set foot in a circus again… if you’re even alive to try!

Dr. Psycho’s Haunted Estate

For years, this haunted hospital has been empty. Upon your arrival, it will spring to life again as remnants of an old and terrifying massacre come back to tell their story. Run away from the terrifying Dr. Psycho through a labyrinth filled with the slaughtered and mutilated bodies of those who came before you. Will you make it out alive, or will you be yet another victim of the infamous Dr. Psycho?

Zombie Sniper Patrol

If you’ve always wanted to see how you’d fare in a zombie apocalypse, today is your day. Climb aboard the US Army Cargo Truck with a gun in hand. Can you shoot the zombies that come out of the woods, or will they make it back to the town and wreak havoc on your loved ones? Only time will tell!

Middletown Haunted Trail

In the dead of night, this twisting trail through the woods teems with spirits who are angry and ready to seek revenge. From the weary, unrested souls who died in these woods to their chainsaw-wielding murderers, there’s nowhere to escape once you step inside this terrifying labyrinth.

There are many haunted houses in Cincinnati available for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for a thrill that will plague you with nightmares in the coming months, there’s only one place to go: The Land of Illusions. We’ll see you there.

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