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There are multiple ways to get in touch with Santa Claus this Christmas season – and ways to help him with his important work

We all have heard the myths about Santa Claus:

“He doesn’t really live at the North Pole!”

“His elves don’t make all those toys!”

“He doesn’t eat all those cookies by himself!”

Those are all hogwash of course. Sure, we parents might help eat some of those cookies, but that reflects on us, not on Santa Claus. 

This Christmas season, you can prove Santa’s existence to your children by helping them write a letter to Santa and placing it in the mail. And you can join in the fun and excitement, while helping build their joy for this magical season.

You can’t prove for them that there is a Santa Claus and that elves are busy making toys at the North Pole. You can try to show them movies, tell them tales, read beloved poems at bedtime … but the REAL proof comes when they get a letter back. And the letter is postmarked from the US Post office that is closest to the North Pole.

Here’s how it works.

Write to Santa Claus and get a reply

While the United States Postal Service may have recently come under scrutiny for changes related to mail-in ballots and the removal of processing equipment, their reliability is still unquestionably high.

And they have been delivering mail to Santa for years. For convenience, they have been conducting this work from their Anchorage, Alaska post office.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Have your child write their letter to Santa.
  2. Prepare two envelopes:
    1. A large stamped envelope addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole
    2. A smaller stamped envelope addressed to your child at your address
  3. After your child writes their letter, you write the response. For extra effect, you might add details about their year, and make hints about their exciting Christmas.
  4. While your child is not present or not paying attention slip your reply in the inside envelope. For added reality, you can even write it on the back of their letter.
  5. Walk with your child to the mailbox or post office and send it off. The earlier, the better.
  6. Wait.
  7. When that magical day arrives, show the postmarked letter to your child. Be excited!

Here is a link to the United States Post Office web page that explains in a bit more detail.

This Christmas, you can do more than just tell your child about Santa. You can spark their imagination and show them evidence!

And in the meantime, you can always get your family in the car and visit Christmas Lights at a location near you!

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