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Get ready, because summer is coming, finally. After a long summer, fall, winter AND spring indoors and away from others because of COVID-19, summer is coming.

With the tantalizing knowledge that being outside helps keep us from spreading the virus, and widespread success of the vaccination process making it available to essentially everyone who wanted it, an almost-normal summer seems to be looming in our near future.

What does that mean?

Soon we will be able to safely go to water parks

With just minor precautions taken, we are on the verge of being able to head out to our favorite waterparks.

Sure, they may limit the size of the overall crowd allowed in, or make adjustments for how and where those crowds can line up for attractions or gather for events.

Yes, your confidence will increase with every vaccinated person you bring, or that you discover is around you in the park.

Certainly the news about the effectiveness of vaccines on children ages 12 and up will help ease your concerns, as well as knowing that younger children are less susceptible to the worst effects of the virus.

However, in the end, you need to weigh all the options for keeping your family safe, getting them their vitamin D, and giving them a chance to run and play – parts of a happy and full childhood.

Aqua Adventures is committed to protecting the safety of every guest, and to following all applicable laws from county, state, and federal health officials. Our rules will be in place to keep you safe.

Some precautions that will help keep everyone safe

So as is always the case when you take your family out to a new place oh, you will want to think about all the different ways you can keep them safe. Here are some things to consider:

When / where to use masks. Are you driving the neighbors together with your children? Perhaps masks in the car are appropriate.

How to position yourself relative to other families. where once we might have been comfortable sitting fairly close the strangers, we are now more aware about how viruses spread. We might sit slightly further apart than we used to, in order to give the wind and sun space to do their work protecting us from the virus.

Limit your chances of catching the virus by getting the vaccine. Of course it is basic science. We know that vaccines work by preparing our own bodies to protect us from invading viruses. As we close in on the 80% threshold needed to achieve herd immunity every vaccination brings us a step closer to getting back the life we knew.

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