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Every year brings its own batch of exciting and anticipated horror movie releases. 2021  promises to do the same and so much more.

Why would 2021 be better than most years? The quarantine related to COVID-19 almost entirely ended Hollywood shooting schedules for 2020. This means that movies planned for release in 2020 were pushed back into 2021.

Meanwhile, in some cases, movies already scheduled for 2021 will be able to start shooting in 2021, essentially on time. This is thanks to the arrival of the vaccine, and the adoption of quarantine zones and safe filming schedules and practices. Some production was able to get started with new restrictions in place that kept cast and crew safe, but working.

So what are the movies we are most looking forward to in 2021? They fall into three categories. True sequels and new movies are the first two categories. The third we include with an asterisk because their shooting schedule is unknown, and those are anticipated movies. These might have been pushed back into 2022 or be in various places in production – or might not be slated at all.

Today we are focusing on the sequels.

True Sequels

The great thing about watching a sequel is that you know what to expect. You are comfortable with characters, you understand the rules of the genre or the universe your characters inhabit. You think you have a good understanding of the monster or villain involved.

This means the writer can spend less time on exposition, introducing characters and setting, and instead focus on scaring the daylights out of you.

That said, Here are some of the true sequels we are looking forward to being scared by in 2021:

Escape Room II

You might have some questions about why each sequel exists, and escape room II is no exception. You have to believe the original characters simply will never go to another escape room. So we expect a new cast, new conflicts, and new twists that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends was expected to wrap up the modern Halloween trilogy in 2021. However, Halloween Kills was delayed due to Covid-19. will the studio accelerate and economize by filming both movies at the same time? Even if they do, don’t expect both movies to drop at the same time. Michael survived the house fire intended to trap and kill him in the first movie, and he remains as committed as ever to terrorizing his target. Expect more of the same.

Don’t Breathe Again

The anticipated sequel to Don’t Breathe: No Escape promises new territory as the Blind Man must leave his house to rescue his kidnapped daughter. How will he manage to fight back when he is out of his familiar territory? What potential dangers exist? With the script finished years ago, and movie production completed already, Don’t Breathe Again remains paused in post-production. Expect it in early 2021.

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