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There’s no doubt that one of the most magical aspects of Christmas are Christmas lights. Whether it is candles in the windows, sparkling lights festooning downtown light poles, or massive lawn displays put on by some of our more enthusiastic neighbors, lights are really one of the best parts of the Christmas season.

And of course you want to duplicate that magic in your own home. So you’ve bought a string or two of Lights and you are looking at your Christmas tree.

You’re wondering, “How can I recreate the magic?”

Here’s how:

Colors or All-White Lights?

The first decision you must make in planning your Christmas tree lighting, is whether to go with a variety of Christmas colors or to choose a more dark and dramatic single-color white tree.

No one can make this decision for you. Varied colors fit in well with a tree full of family heirlooms, whereas white lights can emphasize a more thematic, less busy look.

Take into consideration the age of your children, and the use of your living room. If you’re going to have little ones scrambling for gifts on that special day, the colors will delight them and contribute to the magic. If you’re in a space that will be more reserved, you might lean towards white.

Put the Lights on First

A common mistake some people make is putting the lights on last, thinking this will allow the lights to really stand out. In fact, the lights will stand out already because … they’re lights.

The lights should be the first decoration on your tree.

Take care to disguise the cord and bring it up under the tree mat along the base of the tree. Then work it out about midway along the branch, working in a circle around the tree.

Your main goal: disguise the cord. No need to worry about individual lights, they will be visible from different angles. Slowly unwind and circle the lights around your tree, working up toward the top.

Put the Decorations on With Family

Once the lights are in place and the cord is fully hidden, gather the family to place the ornaments. Whereas placing the lights is a tedious, time consuming individual task, sharing the work of ornament placing is the way to go. Many hands make light work!

Tell the story of each ornament if it was created by a loved one, or purchased to commemorate a particular event or moment.

This makes the occasion of putting up the tree its own cherished part of the Christmas season.

And remember, the 12 days of Christmas START on Christmas day, so don’t be in a rush to take the magic down.

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