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You have gathered your family together at Christmas and you are trying to create some great winter memories. Why not take your family to the Middletown’s premier Christmas lights drive through?

Land of Illusion’s Christmas Glow promises a surprising night that your family will never forget.

Why drive through?

There are lots of ways to view Christmas lights each year. First, you can simply hang them in your own house and on your tree. You likely do this every year. It brightens your house and lifts your moods for a month (or more) and really sets the entire Christmas mood in your house.

Second, you can walk around your neighborhood. This is best if you and your neighbors are conscientious decorators who doll up your shrubs, trees, and homes. It can be a little chilly, of course, and you are limited by the mobility of your oldest or youngest family members. It is an inexpensive night out, and this walk can be part of a great evening that ends with hot chocolate at home, gathered together under one roof.

Third, you can drive to a different location and walk through their Christmas Lights. One example of this in the Cincinnati area is the renowned Christmas Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. The zoo is bedecked in lights for the winter season. However, this can be pricey. At $16-$22 per family member, a carful of loved ones at the Zoo creates a big expense, and the same challenges as walking your neighborhood.

Why driving through Christmas Glow is better

First, you don’t have to live in just the right neighborhood to enjoy the Christmas Glow. Whether or not your neighbor’s homes are decorated, you have a place to drive to view the region’s best winter lights.

Second, it’s less walking. Once you have everyone bundled in the car, the hard work is done. Now the magic just scrolls past your family’s windows as you drive through the park.

Third, it is less expensive than that one particular attraction. At merely $8 per person, you can be sure that this trip won’t break the bank. Instead, for significantly less than the price of a movie, you can be together and create memories and have conversation, bonding as a family.

After all, that is the spirit of Christmas.

Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash

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