Aqua Adventures Is Open This Saturday & Sunday 11am – 7pm & Monday 11am – 5pm!

It’s cold outside now…a great time to be planning your summer waterpark fun. There’s great adventure and fun waiting for your family at Aqua Adventure waterpark. Now is the time to prepare smart for all your summer days at Aqua Adventure, your favorite Dayton area waterpark for splashing and paddling! The summer sun is strong and sunburn is uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and can limit your fun. But there are ways to prevent sunburn, ways to ensure that your days at your favorite waterpark are not cut short.

Sunscreen is important for any outdoor activity. It protects your skin from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays and burns, allowing you to enjoy more time outdoors. And when planning a day with water activities, it is even more important to pick and plan carefully.

Here are a few tools to keep your skin healthy and protected as you splash away at Aqua Adventure:

First, choose a sunscreen that is waterproof or designed for water activity as well as with a high SPF. (SPF is “sun protection factor”.)  Follow instructions carefully and reapply as directed. Stay protected longer at Aqua Adventure by reapplying at suggested intervals!

Second, apply sunscreen over all exposed skin for maximum protection. Be sure to consider products designed especially for faces to protect noses and ears! And don’t forget the tops of your feet! Rub it in thoroughly

Additionally, or as an alternative, wear a swim shirt with SPF protection. Swim shirts offer skin coverage that does not have to be reapplied. Short and long sleeve options are available.

To further protect yourself, choose a lip protectant with SPF.

For all of these lotion options, you should be careful to reapply as frequently as the manufacturer recommends.

Finally, on land, wear a sun hat. A hat can provide shade and protection over your head and even shoulders. Many sun hats also promote and share their own SPF rating, the higher the better!

There’s plenty of time for water fun at Aqua Adventure!

Be certain that you are protecting your skin in the water and on land by using this handy guide. Your skin will be ready for whatever adventure awaits you at Aqua Adventure, your favorite southwest Ohio waterpark.

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