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Halloween is a great time of year for being with friends and family, taking chances, and scaring yourselves silly. But it is underrated as quite possibly the best possible season for dating.

Here is an approach to take to get the most of your dating life during this next Halloween season.


Dinner doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but not too much. After all, if the goal is to scream and be scared all night, you don’t want to see dinner again. Something light, something gentle on the stomach, with just enough energy to get through the whole night. Besides, there will be snacking as the evening progresses

One main event

This is the main event of the date night: a night at a haunted trail. The idea is to get out of a comfortable seat or your comfort zone, and get active.

By walking through a haunted trail, you have periods of time to wait and talk, perhaps while buying tickets or waiting for your turn to enter. This will allow for some small talk, and a chance to show some consideration for how they are feeling. Perhaps they’re anxious and will be comforted by a hand on the elbow? 

But the energy level will go way up as you enter and you begin to anticipate what will come next. Is that tree hiding a monster? What sort of horror awaits in the tent ahead. Why were people screaming up ahead … it just looks like a quiet stretch of dark woodland path?

And when the scares come, if you’re lucky your date will determine that the safest place to be is in your arms, and close by your side!

Afterwards, sit by a warm fire and buy your date the treat they want – a caramel apple, maybe heated apple cider, or make s’mores over the fire. Satisfy their sweet tooth now that the excitement has died down.

Home for a movie

Here it takes a delicate balance. In order to preserve the romantic evening theme, you don’t want to go over the top. This is no time for Centipede. Aim a little lower on the gore rating, and a little higher on the suspense rating. This way, as they snuggle in to your arms, you can control the mood and what happens next. No one feels romantic on a queasy stomach!

Photo by Katerina Holmes:

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