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Halloween is a wonderful time to draw closer together with friends and acquaintances. Nothing draws a group together like managing to get through a haunted house as a group without dying, or to manage a group of haunted locations like at Land of Illusion Haunted Scream.

But perhaps your perfect night out needs to stay in one night, maybe because of rain or cold?

In that case, you might consider playing a haunted cooperative online game.

Might we suggest the game Deceit?

Deceit – a frightening cooperative game

Gather your friends online and test their loyalty with a game that tests your friendship from the very beginning.

The ground rules are simple. You and your friends are trying to escape from an infected building to freedom and competent medical care, presumably. There are puzzles and obstacles that require a mix of brains and video game skills.

And there’s one big catch. A few of your friends in the group are infected. And they know it. And they are trying to prevent you from escaping without letting you know they are trying to prevent your escape.

Frightening, right?

Through the dark tunnels, and with the occasional jump-scare, Deceit draws you in by testing your nerves in a zombie-infested creepshow. Then it stresses you out by testing your friendships too.

When the truth is revealed – the game gets scarier

You might be thinking that the objective of the game is to discover who you can trust and who you can’t. This is partially true.

You ARE trying to figure out who among you is a treacherous murdering infected future zombie!

But finding that out is only the start of the horror. For once you have identified who among you can’t be trusted, they no longer have a reason to keep up the guise.

Instead, they transform into horrible, fast-moving beasts with claws for hands and they try to kill you outright. In the quick pace of the action that follows, anything can happen – you just know that not all of your friends will make it out alive.

You will laugh and scream together as you first explore the dark mazes and then as you scramble to catch a breath of fresh air in the world outside, free from the grasp of your zombie former friends.

Consider adding Deceit, available on Steam, to your arsenal of Halloween night activities with your friends.

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