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We all love Christmas for a wide range of reasons. For many of us, it is the gifts. For others, it is the food.

And for most of us, it is for time spent together with the ones we love.

That time is made even better when we can travel together to take in some holiday lights in a nearby neighborhood or in a specially designed park like the Christmas Glow.

But nothing takes the edge off a good time like not being prepared to spend time together in the car. Here’s how to make sure that long lines and close quarters don’t turn your precious forever memory into an uncomfortable evening everyone wants to forget.

Photo by Olga Lioncat from Pexels

Provide a restroom break

Do you live a long way from your destination? This might be a great night to eat out together as a family, so you can all use the restroom just before you pile in to the car.

Nothing is worse than an emergency need to use the restroom during what should be a happy and carefree car experience.

Bring tissues

Hopping in and out of the car, from warm to cold and back again, can activate the sniffles. So can being with lots of new people or in new environments with unfamiliar pets and smells.

Be prepared to battle runny noses by packing a box of tissues in the car.

Bring car-ready snacks

Even if you planned a meal out minutes before your holiday lights show, you will still want to have a few snacks ready in the car. This will help make it less like a commute and more like an experience. Complete the movie-like atmosphere by popping some popcorn, sneaking in some licorice or JuJuBes, or bringing other favorite “out-and-about” snacks.

But remember, your car is your own personal space too. Don’t bring snack that will make a mess if dropped or spilled, for that will turn a dream trip into a nightmare scenario!

Bring a blanket

Sharing a car means battling over a very small piece of territory. If Aunt Zelda wants to open the windows for a breath of fresh air, perhaps because Uncle Nick is a little gassy, there’s no reason not to be ready. Throw a blanket over the kids in the third row seat, so everyone can enjoy the sights – and the smells of crisp winter air!

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