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It’s easy to get excited about Halloween in the fall. We’re thinking about Halloween. Leaves are falling onto the ground.  Neighbors are having back yard fires.  Halloween is coming.

However, the fall is the wrong time to scare your friends, for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever your plan is to get your friends to scream in terror,  the spring and summer are the perfect time to pull it off. Here’s why.

They’re not expecting it

The best reason to scare your friends in the spring and summer is because they’re not expecting it. As the days grow shorter and Halloween grows nigh, your friends get a little edgy. They know it’s coming. They start looking around corners. They change the code on their home security system so you can’t get in.

In short, They are ready for you. And we all know that the best scare is not the one you are ready for, but the one you never saw coming.

You’ve had plenty of time to prepare

A second reason this is the perfect time to scare your friends is that you have had plenty of time to prepare. You had your Halloween get up last year, and it was fine. But later that night you had a better idea. Assemble it now while there’s time to work out the kinks and get it just right.

Then try it out on your unsuspecting friends. Judge their feedback to see how much tweaking you have to do before it’s ready for Halloween.

The weather is good

A final reason to use spring and summer to scare your friends is that the weather is good. why does scaring your friends always have to be drudgery, with you cooped up in a cold and dark space, your muscles shaking? Your blue fingertips don’t make you any scarier. In fact the cold makes you lethargic and hurts your timing.

No. It’s a much better choice to scare your friends by creeping outside their window or springing out of their trunk. Of course you should only do this when the weather is to your choosing, depending on the prank. There is no sense in not taking advantage of mother nature’s gentle gift of spring and summer to aid you in your fun!

Scare your friends when the weather is nice

Photo by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash

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