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It’s summer, 2021, and the quarantine is finally being lifted. Theaters are reopening, and we are emerging from our basements to again interact with the world.

So what are you planning to watch when it is time to scream the night away?

Here are some of the options we are looking forward to.

A classic series returns: Spiral: From the Book of Saw

We have our calendar marked for the new installment in the Saw series. We are optimistic that this new reboot might be among the most popular in a long-running fan favorite horror series. Why? Well, for starters, Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson play detectives drawn into the game. And of course, it is a frightening world.

Another installment in genre-bending horror movies: A Quiet Place Part II

It feels like a lifetime ago that A Quiet Place changed the rules for what was possible in the world of suspense. Multi-million dollar sound systems in theaters and expensive personal surround sound systems in basements were stymied by A Quiet Place.

Why? The most important sound was … the absence of sound. Audiences held their breath until they expelled their breath in screams. We can’t wait.

The Forever Purge promises big scares

Of course, if you have a horror universe as successful and engaging as the Purge, it is required to keep pumping them out. The Forever Purge will deliver the next dose of lawlessness.

Sure the lawmakers have outlawed the Purge, but the youth in one community aren’t taking that decision laying down. They will Purge anyway. One couple will pay the price … or will they successfully fight back?

Gather your friends together one night this summer to find out.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The release of nationwide trailers for this film have offered a tantalizing promise to fans of horror and suspense everywhere. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It will offer a mix of traditional scares in the form of jump scares, experiences in a new home, and the possession of innocent children to do Satan’s work.

But where will this one end? Well, we can’t make many promises, but bloodshed is promised, and it will be accompanied by the screams of you and your friends.

Of course, a night of horror movies with friends is made even better with a trip to a local haunted attraction. In southwest Ohio, Haunted Scream offers a new immersive experience. Check our website for details about our fall schedule and mark your calendar today!

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