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Halloween is coming and everyone is getting ready. Freeform and other channels are planning 31 nights of scary movies – or at least Halloween-themed movies that remain family-friendly. The Hollywood studios and seemingly every network are rolling out new and recycled horror content to give us our fix of Halloween horror.

Your neighbors have joined you in teasing a few gravestones in the front yard, and a Slender Man has popped up around the corner.

There is just one detail left to figure out: how can you plan the perfect night for friends?

How about going to the best local haunted house: the Land of Illusion Haunted Trail.

The Land of Illusion Haunted Trail, Southwest Ohio’s Best Halloween Experience

For 25 years, the folks at Land of Illusion have been refining their best-in-the-country Halloween Trail. With changing scenes and a huge cast along with state-of-the-art effects and make-up, the trail will leave you screaming.

This year, like every year, the scares have been tweaked and amped up. For example, the new instant classic Big Mama’s Revenge brings back a familiar character in a new, hauntingly memorable scene.

The work of constantly perfecting their Haunted Trail has inspired the Oakley family and their friends for more than two decades. With a large cast that has become like a family, and a dedicated group of fans and regular visitors, the secret quickly got out and now crowds come from multiple states to enjoy the Haunted Trail and a night of fellowship, a firepit, food, and more.

You never know what you will find when you turn the corner on the Haunted Trail. Look for familiar scenes from the movies you know by heart, strikingly realistic re-enactments of your most spine-tingling nightmares, and get up-close and personal with all of your most primal fears.

You and your friends will be sure to find an amazing night together at the Haunted Scream at Land of Illusion.

Call your friends now and plan a night you won’t soon forget at Southwest Ohio’s best haunted house.

Photo by sankavi on Unsplash

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