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We’ve examined all of the nominees to create this completely unscientific but yet unbiased report on the five best waterparks in the world.

Mark them on your lifetime list, and try to work them into your adventures.

#4 (Tie) Aquaventure, Dubai, UAE

I know, where’s # 5 you say? Well, we start with a tie for #4.

All-day fun in the desert is what Aquaventure waterpark offers. This Middle East jewel’s owners are determined to have the world’s highest water slide, and continually improve their offerings to make sure you are entertained.

Though their world’s tallest is challenged by the OTHER #4 waterpark, their unique location is part of the draw. Enjoy a day lounging poolside, if that is your speed. Or you can enjoy several massive slides that will keep you laughing and splashing all day.

#4 (Tie) Insano Beach Park, Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza boasts the tallest and fastest water slide, and though they are challenged for the tallest, their straight-as-a-bullet slide guarantees you the fastest water slide adventure available in the world.

Try it if you dare.

This place didn’t come by the title “Insano” by offering a calm day sipping Mai Tais next to the kiddie pool.

#3 Watercube Waterpark, Beijing, China

This beautiful waterpark promises to delight not just the water-loving child in you, but the artist in you who appreciates beauty and elegant design.

A waterpark that works a bit like a museum, Watercube offers a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. Their three signature slides include a funnel and – are you ready for this? – a loop! When you aren’t enjoying the mind-numbing physics, you will be blown away from the indoor views of aquariums and clear slides where people are as much an attraction as the jellyfish.

#2 Caribbean Bay, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

This awesome waterpark offers lots of different ways to get wet, with 4 massive water slides and a wave pool to match anything you will find elsewhere in the world.

Also, in typical Korean fashion, the park offers steam baths and other health-oriented amenities, including salt baths, jade beds, and oxygen rooms. Visitors can nap or even spend the night for a small extra fee.

#1 Aquatica, Orlando, USA

Nothing is better than one enormous wave pool, filled with friends and strangers enjoying the sunlight.

But what if … there were two of them?

That’s the idea here. Twice as much fun. The designers didn’t stop there though. You can funnel down through an aquarium that houses dolphins and other oceanic wildlife.

What makes this the best? Access to a massive white sand beach and gardens, though without ocean access.

Can’t travel across the country or around the world to get your soak on? Consider finding the waterpark closest to your home, and head out for a fabulous fun day in the sun with family and friends. Create a memory you will treasure for a lifetime.

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