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You have a fun day planned at the Aqua Adventures or another Dayton-area waterpark.

Everything is packed and ready to go.

You planned out the meals. You packed your bag with all the necessary items. Now you’re wondering how you could possibly get all those towels in from the car and one trip.

Maybe you don’t need all those towels. After all, on a sunny day in the pool or lake, splashing and diving, a towel is only one way to get dry.

Here’s our guide to getting dry, with or without a towel.

Ways to get dry

The classic: With a towel

Sure this article promised various ways to get dry without a towel, but you have to recognize the classics.

You packed a towel for this moment: You’re wet; you want to be dry.

Version A: The old head-to-toe

Start with your hair and rub the towel around vigorously. Move slowly down your body, allowing water to drip off you as you work your way down. To keep the towel clean, refrain from drying the bottom of your feet.

Version B: Swimsuit first

You’re out of the pool now so evaporation is doing its trick. you know that the swimsuit is the last thing really holding on to the water.

So to conserve towel usage, you simply dry your swimsuit. Voila!

The efficiency: Air dry

When you emerge from the pool at Aqua Adventures park or some other water park, there is plenty to do other than simply get dry.

The most efficient way to use your time is to not even stop to dry off. Head for the snack stand. Get back on the ladder to the water slide. Or turn around and rush back in to the acres of swimming, obstacles, and play to be accomplished.

The spa treatment: Sun dry

Maybe your day doesn’t involve water slides and obstacle courses. Maybe your day is simply a break where the kids can run free in a safe and exciting environment, and you can soak up the sun.

Periodically, you will want to cool off by taking a dip or a lap in the water. But you’re not here to get exhausted, you’re here to get refreshed.

For you the sun dry is the approach to use.

Simply exit the water, and feel the evaporation cool you off as you stroll back your chaise lounge chair or towel.

The  hardest part of your day is remembering whether you left off on your belly or on your back. Don’t forget your sunscreen, and soak up that vitamin D!

There’s only so many hours in an Aqua Adventures day – don’t waste any of them drying off!

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