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Many of us look forward to the day immediately following Thanksgiving when the seal has been broken. This is the time when our families will finally cave in and we are now allowed to listen to Christmas songs.

Sure, it might be a couple of weeks before Christmas songs are playing on every store loudspeaker system, but that doesn’t stop us.

But maybe in the last couple of years you’ve wanted something a little more. You ask yourself, with all these great Christmas songs, and such a small period of time in which to listen to them, why can’t I just listen to a few particular Christmas songs during the year?

Why not, indeed.

Spin these winter songs all year ‘round

“Let it Snow” – sure, we hear it during Christmas, and there are some Christmas allusions in the lyrics, but at its heart this is a meteorological song. And songs about rain and snow are not specific to one holiday alone. That would be a tragedy. So this February, Let It Snow!

“Winter Wonderland” – here’s another meteorological song, with a little romance thrown in for good balance. Again, we have created a Christmas association that just isn’t present in the lyrics, and I say you can trot out Winter Wonderland whenever you’re hoping it will snow.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” – the lyrics may have caused a bit of debate about the nature of consent and societal pressure on single adults over the past few years, but this beloved Christmas classic isn’t about Christmas at all. It’s a song about romance, and keeping safe during a winter storm.

Photo by Pixabay at Pexels

Don’t forget songs about peace

“Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)” is an overlooked George Harrison single that nests well in many a playlist, and while it shares a thematic message with Christmas, the feeling is really rather timeless.

“Where is the Love” by Black Eyed Peas might not yet be in your Christmas mix, but the operative work here is “yet.” Adding peace songs to your daily rotation should inject a little Christmas into your every day, without the questioning looks from your loved ones.

Finally, join Sarah McLachlin as she goes “In the Arms of an Angel” any time of the year. This will boost your mood and pump you up with good will to get you through the most difficult President’s Day mattress sale!

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