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Wrap Party This Year

This Christmas there’s a fun and easy way to get together with friends and prepare for the holiday. Throw a gift wrap party this year. Have a good time and get stuff done together with your best friends.

Follow this very simple set of instructions for a memorable event.

First, pick a location for your party.  While a person’s home might be an acceptable choice, a better choice might be to choose a church or library where you can have a separate room with lots of table space.

Second, set a date well in advance but just a couple weeks before Christmas. The second week of December might work just fine. This gives you and your guests enough time to purchase gifts and have them arrive in the mail. But it also gives you a little bit of time in case things don’t go perfectly well.

Third, bring refreshments. As the host you should bring a key item, such as a popular chili dish or core dinner entree. However the rest of the party can be thrown Stone Soup style.

What is Stone Soup style? This refers to the ancient story of the poor travelers who found themselves without food. The child looked up at his mother and said, “Mama what shall we eat? We only have sticks and rocks?” His mother  was very clever and she had a plan. “Hold on to your stick, son. Tonight we shall have stone soup.” She took the stone from her son and went to tell the other travelers that they were having stone soup that night. She invited each guest to bring only one ingredient. These she added to the pot as guests arrived. After proper greetings were made, and everyone settled in, she served each guest a rich, steaming bowl of vegetable stew. The combined gifts, however modest, made for a rich meal.

This approach to your feast will serve you well.

And you should also, importantly, use the Stone Soup approach to your gift wrap as well.

Fourth, invite your friends to bring their gift wrap and wrapping supplies. Together, by sharing supplies, your gifts will all get wrapped in a wide range of papers, so that no one could guess what was in each box, who they were for, or even who they were from. Your Christmas Tree apron will be a delight on Christmas morning.

All because you threw a gift wrap party this year.

Throw a gift wrap party this year

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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