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It’s June. Christmas seems a distant memory.

But don’t worry. Soon enough the heat will pass away. Hot summer nights will gradually grow cooler. The cicadas will disappear.

The thick summer leaves and warm breezes will thin and cool. One night the crickets will be noticeably less, and you’ll pull your chair a little closer to the firepit.

Then you’ll know: Christmas is coming!

Death, taxes, and Christmas

Life offers us few certainties.

The Constitution Center assures us that it is Benjamin Franklin who told us “in this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

He added that he was growing thinner and weaker, suggesting that he was less able to hold off the second one.

However, he was also not capable of holding off life’s other inevitability: Christmas.

Every year, on December 25th, we remember the light. In the weeks before and after this day, we celebrate the light by driving through our favorite Christmas attraction: The Christmas Glow.

With our family comfortably belted into our biggest car, we slowly trawl through the winding Christmas Glow trail.

Sure, there are long lines. This is a popular attraction that draws Christmas enthusiasts from hundreds of miles, so lines are to be expected. Fortunately a special spirit is present in this space. The Christmas spirit encourages us to be patient and appreciate how we are all here to celebrate the joy of this special season.

When the snow flies, look for us

So, you know it is going to happen, and nothing is stopping you.

Make the plans now. Mark your calendar. Gather the family together safely this Christmas, and promise them an immersive holiday experience as you pile into the car and drive into Christmas Glow.

You’ll share in memories, music, and new experiences as you each delight in some new vision.  Point out what someone else missed, and hear their amazement as each new scene is revealed.

You can help make this coming Christmas a season to remember for the whole family. Make a note today to set aside a special night to start a new family tradition to last for another generation.

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