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Understanding water safety is extremely important when deciding to go to a water park. To make sure you are prepared here a few factors to take into consideration:

Follow the Rules

To avoid any injuries, it is important to follow the rules in the waterpark. The rules are to ensure guests’ safety. Weight and size restrictions are there to prevent any mishaps. If a person is too small for a ride, that is because there’s a possibility they will be thrown from the side. If a person is too large, they may get stuck. Explain to your children the importance of following the rules. The waterpark tends to be slippery, so it’s best to not run. These rules are simply for the wellbeing of all people.

Watch Your Children

The lifeguard’s duty is to reinforce the rules. It is a parent’s and/or guardian’s job to supervise their children in the water. Even if your child knows how to swim, it’s important to keep a close eye on them. There are a lot of other people enjoying the waterpark as well.

Shower Before and After you Have Been in the Pool

You want to clean your body before entering the waterpark to wash off any bacteria and the same when you leave the waterpark. You don’t want to take any sort of bacteria home with you after being in the water all day. You’ll want to remove any chlorine from the skin to prevent irritation. Showering before and after will eliminate contamination.

Do Not Drink the Water

Remind your children as much as possible to not drink the water. It can lead to an upset stomach or infection as there is plenty of bacteria in the water.

LifeJackets are a Necessity

Land of Illusion will provide life jackets, but you are encouraged to bring your own. Lifejackets are required at all times when in water. The water that surrounds the large wibit ranges from 2 ft to 10 ft. The lake that surrounds the kids wibit ranges from 2 ft to 8 ft.

You are not required to know how to swim, but you are required to wear a life vest. You swim at your own risk.

Ohio life jacket laws must be followed. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the laws before entering this waterpark.

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