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Every parent and child has a ready-to-go list of their favorite Christmas movie. “Elf!” some will argue. “It’s A Wonderful Life!” some shout. “The Santa Clause,” say some others. And always someone makes the argument that Die Hard is a Christmas movie because it happens during the yuletide season.

But have we forgotten about the pleasures of reading Christmas stories to our family? Sure it is nice to be curled up on your couch entranced by the screen. But it is even better to have the kids in your arms, asking to see the pictures as you read your way through their favorite Christmas books.

Some of our best memories as children came in the arms of our loved ones reading us our favorite books.

 Here are two popular pieces of literature to consider reading out loud to your family this Christmas:

The Polar Express

Yes, this is a popular Christmas movie, with Tom Hanks voicing three popular characters. But it started as an engaging book that thrilled young readers for years.

Young classmates find themselves on a Christmas journey on a train to North Pole. It seems like everything is perfectly orchestrated to create a magical night for the children around the world. But something has gone horribly wrong. Will the children survive the ride? Will Christmas be saved? And will our young main character ever hear the jingle of the Christmas bells, showing that she believes in the Christmas spirit?

Read it aloud to your children and find out!

A Visit From St. Nicholas

Perhaps better known by its first line, “T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house …” A Visit From St. Nicholas is a classic poem by Clement Clarke Moore.

This revered poem describes a serene scene in a quiet house that could be anywhere – including in your home town. Santa is expected and the room has been made ready. And he does not disappoint. There are stockings, children, gifts, and rhymes your children will remember for a lifetime. There is scurrying, there are mice and reindeer mentioned by name, and many more moments that are part of what make the Christmas season so memorable.

Gather your family around for a few minutes of silence and poetry before bed on your next Christmas Eve.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov:

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