Aqua Adventures is Open Daily at 11am!

With Labor Day approaching, a lot of people give up on summer. School is open, the nights are a little cooler, the days a little shorter. There is pumpkin spice in everything from coffee to candles to breakfast cereal on the shelves at the grocery.

It is easy to convince yourself that summer has ended because … well, all the signs are telling you it has.

But you don’t have to be a slave to the calendar. You are not controlled by what others say.

This is a perfect time to book a day at a water park like Aqua Adventures.

Here’s why this is the best time to splash at a water park:

It gets dark a little earlier

 Sure, this seems like a reason to stop going to the waterpark, but think about the effect this has on the kids. “We stayed until it was DARK!” You can tell them, thereby proving, in their minds, that you are the best parent ever. Sure, you know that the days are shorter now, but you will only be smarter than them for a little while longer. Use it!

Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels

It’s still hot out

The sun and the heat don’t know that it is September. It’s still 90 degrees outside, and our bodies are still sweating and trying to find ways to cool off. Really, a date is just a number on the calendar. It is the number on the thermometer that matters. Cool off at a water park near you.

School has started, there’s more steam than ever to blow off!

Really, at the end of summer, goofing off doesn’t have as much of a sense of purpose for our children. They have been off for weeks or months. Now, suddenly, they have been thrown back into the rigors of school, homework, bus rides and carpools … this is when you all really need the vacation you just got back from. Taking a day or a few evenings to make your way to Aqua Adventures was never more in order than it is now.

Smaller crowds

They all fell for this “end of summer” trick, but not you. What’s that, an open chair on the sun deck? Three of them, with a place to put towels and a bag? What, no one is splashing you while you read your book? Your kids can go down the slide almost as often as they can climb the stairs – which means more time getting tired and a better night’s sleep.

Early fall is the BEST time to go to the water park.

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